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Ilocos: A Tale of Two Provinces


         Finally, our Ilocos trip! Although it was too late, I realized that this trip was unforgettable and so I decided to make a travelogue about it. hihi. I really love summer because it really sets my whole being to go outdoors! I especially love my job because it sent us out to try these things this season. Anyway, not much of the outdoors are here yet but everything seems so fun.

11136658_895748947149123_4742725909970320360_n 11133890_895748637149154_1373956674650732516_o

We left Pampanga via private van on Wednesday morning. So practically, we spent almost the whole day on the road.

Here are some photos of the places we visited. It was indeed a privilege to see the beauty of God’s creation from such places. 🙂

Windmills 10613047_896883820368969_451367006392122540_n

These are windmills at Bangui Farm in Ilocos Norte. These giants were worth-seeing, almost surreal. I couldn’t get enough of the view that I’d loved to go back there just to see them again. 🙂

10411856_896213630435988_7462625333771795185_n 11083676_895872260470125_6349767291588604805_n

Vigan’s Hidden Garden where there are several varieties of potted plants, shrubs and herbs. I actually bought ginger turmeric for my mother for it has a lot of health benefits. 🙂

11146245_896215787102439_6739254335680652545_n 11070137_896213313769353_5881145689774991371_n 10003406_896213307102687_8387499283473738356_n

At Juan Luna Shrine

11090855_896834773707207_1656350912056913992_o 11050119_896214037102614_7194411727336848787_n 11038390_896215020435849_5215379969045294011_n

Animals encounter at Baluarte Zoo in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

IMG_20150411_164304 11149312_896921280365223_347186100290128490_n

Amazing view on top of the Towering Cape Bojeador

11115763_896920580365293_4997024939587293556_n 11130109_896725443718140_3283127346231254783_n 11141207_896920887031929_1072683115187827243_n

Of course we will not miss Paoay Church. This church really has a beautiful structure. Pay attention to its huge buttresses. I’ve been to several churches but this church made an impression to me. 🙂

11048695_897239390333412_8281282144787662463_n Sea

Amazing how one’s body craves places like this. The shore, crashing of waves, cool water and the sun on my face. Oh how I love every season of life. 🙂

11050142_896215397102478_1350923097049324190_n 11080407_895861300471221_6734761164231805986_o 11152684_896218833768801_3577973019000049606_n

Vigan’s Dancing Fountain Show, I was expecting to be wowed by this show and indeed I was! Throughout the show, laser and lights synched to popular music illuminate the fountain jetting through the plaza. What a beautiful show! 🙂

22000_897319523658732_4772731662319659953_n 11110195_897239387000079_4850505065205710892_n 11146244_897247520332599_1314572371647637397_n

Calle Crisologo, Vigan City – This old house made me feel like I was travelled back in the 16th century. The overflow of antique and unique things from one store to another will delight you even more.

The Verdict

         Ilocos is a place that you should add on your vacation list. Remember, be sure you are prepared for an 8-10 hours long drive. haha. I can’t wait to go again and explore more of the other towns next time!! Have a favored day y’ll!! 🙂







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