I Got the Joy!!

Year 2017 is really quite heavy for me because one of my greatest fears happened. For those who don't know, within four months time I lost my father, my aunt, and my best friend.  We are in great emotional pain and many people say it will worsen in the days to come. Right now, I feel... Continue Reading →

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Ilocos: A Tale of Two Provinces

           Finally, our Ilocos trip! Although it was too late, I realized that this trip was unforgettable and so I decided to make a travelogue about it. hihi. I really love summer because it really sets my whole being to go outdoors! I especially love my job because it sent us out to try... Continue Reading →

Professional Writer Super Power Tip: Buffers and Backup Plans

Professional freelance writer

Live to Write - Write to Live

tiny supermanAhhh, the life of a professional freelance writer – the freedom, the creativity, the coffee shops.

The deadlines.

I love my life as a self-employed writer. I get to make my own schedule, choose my own clients, and run the show my way. I honestly don’t think I can ever go back to working in a corporate job. Ever.

But, and let me be crystal clear about this, it’s not like I don’t have a boss. In fact, I have many bosses. Each of my clients is my boss, each project lead within a client company is my boss, my business (managing and building it) is my boss. Add on top of that all the professional and personal responsibilities I take on voluntarily (professional education, blogging, side projects, being a mom, having a life), and that schedule I get to set for myself starts to look pretty scary.


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Worth a Thousand Handshakes :)

The school year is almost over and graduation is coming up. Such a momentous event calls for reflection. Time flies really fast, especially when you’re having fun. Once senior year rolls around, graduation is the main event. I know everyone’s busy, if not altogether done; some are still completing requirements, some are reviewing for exams... Continue Reading →

God’s Choice: My Choice

My choice to become a teacher was not made lightly. This decision was built out of my reflections about what I wanted to do with my life. My first choice course was BS Accountancy which I took for almost two years. I dreamed of this for how many years but it came to the point... Continue Reading →

A Call: My Philosophy

I am strongly committed to teaching and I know that educating others is a calling that should be taken seriously and with care. As a teacher, I believe that how do you see your students is how they will become. I must have faith that there is something within them that needs to be tapped... Continue Reading →

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