Professional Writer Super Power Tip: Buffers and Backup Plans

Professional freelance writer

Live to Write - Write to Live

tiny supermanAhhh, the life of a professional freelance writer – the freedom, the creativity, the coffee shops.

The deadlines.

I love my life as a self-employed writer. I get to make my own schedule, choose my own clients, and run the show my way. I honestly don’t think I can ever go back to working in a corporate job. Ever.

But, and let me be crystal clear about this, it’s not like I don’t have a boss. In fact, I have many bosses. Each of my clients is my boss, each project lead within a client company is my boss, my business (managing and building it) is my boss. Add on top of that all the professional and personal responsibilities I take on voluntarily (professional education, blogging, side projects, being a mom, having a life), and that schedule I get to set for myself starts to look pretty scary.


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